Business Law

Study Peroid: To be announced
Days/Time: 7:00p.m. - 10:00p.m. on Saturdays
Study duration: 10 lessons in total, 3 hours each and once a week
Venue: To be announced
Lecturer: Dr. John HO

Course Outline

Acquaint students with the basic knowledge of Hong Kong Business Law, especially the principles relating to private limited liability company and partnerships.

Course Summary

  1. Definitions of various types of corporate entity in Hong Kong
  2. Formation, constitution and winding up of Hong Kong companies
  3. Appointment, resignation and removal of corporate officers
  4. Powers and duties of corporate officers
  5. Regulation and formalities of company meetings
  6. Creation and dissolution of partnerships
  7. Rights and duties of partners
  8. Roles of the Companies Registry, the Stock Exchange and the Securities and Futures Commission


It is a component course of the Diploma of Law offered by the HKCT.